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Real-time workforce management

Swift Shift is on a mission to change the world of temporary shift work. Our mobile enterprise app helps large companies communicate, manage and deploy their workforce across locations. It helps employees manage their earnings and build professional profiles that get them more work at hire wages.

By 2020 50% of the U.S. workforce will be contingent and employed flexibly. This trend is already causing a massive $1 Trillion pain for businesses who need to manage and orchestrate tens of thousands of employees who work fraction of days across multiple locations. At the same time, shift employees live in constant chaos, receiving shifts on days notice, dealing with constant scheduling changes that affect their ability to plan their lives, their earnings and their time.

Swift Shift's mobile app allows employees to follow multiple locations, pick up shifts at their available times and build a professional profile with ratings and feedback from the managers they work for. They can use this profile to demonstrate their quality, work better shifts and earn more.

Our app is used by top brands including Domino's Pizza, Fullers, Bayada Homehealth and other large companies in the healthcare, hospitality and retail sectors.

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